A Closer Look at Venus Williams

Venus Williams is well known for dominating the court. Even though Serena’s record is all-around better, there are some great facts about Venus Williams that shouldn’t be overlooked. First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that without Venus, there wouldn’t be a Serena Williams. Serena constantly credits her sister with keeping her in the game of tennis and encouraging her to continue. Lately, Venus hasn’t done very well due to a chronic back injury, as well as battling an auto-immune condition known as Sjorgen’s Syndrome. It’s a very tough uphill fight for Venus, but that doesn’t mean that she’s calling it quits.

Here are a few things to know about Venus Williams, star tennis player and one incredible athlete.

Venus’s love of tennis was kindled early on. She got the incredible chance in 1989 to visit Chris Evert, where she asked if she could look and touch those beautiful Wimbledon trophies firsthand. Little did the world know that Venus would become a champion herself.

Like her sister Serena, Venus has an incredibly fast serve that is highly developed. She’s been clocked at over 130 mph before! Ms. Williams has made history for fighting for equal pay between male tennis players and female tennis players, but that’s not all of course.

With her sister Serena at her side, she’s won three Olympic gold medals. Tennis doubles is an event that she excels at, and if there’s any partner in the world she wants, she definitely wants to have Serena at her side.

But of course, she can indeed play without Serena, and even beat her outright. They have faced head to head before, and Venus has won a few times. She beat Serena in 2005 down in Miami, and she also did so at the 2001 US Open. Lately, of course, it has been the younger sister really going all out on the court.

Some say that Venus should go ahead and retire. Her results in the last two years haven’t been stellar, but there are some understandings that are necessary here. Recovering from an injury is already difficult, but then to have an autoimmune condition on top of it? That can really make things tricky. We think that if Venus wanted to retire, she very well could. We think that she wants to try to go for one last big show before finally turning in the racket and tennis shoes. We’ll see, won’t we?