3 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough of Serena Williams

When you’re good at something, you deserve other people to take note. Well, we have definitely taken note of Serena Williams. We love the idea of being able to catch a glimpse of Serena in action. She’s an athlete that has truly dominated her sport, amid much controversy. But we’re not here to write another piece on everything wrong with Serena; we wanted to talk about everything that the famous tennis star has done well.

Serena Williams

1. Blisteringly Fast Serves

No, she’s not the fastest serve in tennis right now, but she comes pretty close. A 128.6 mph serve is nothing to sneeze at. She did that tracked serve in 2012 at the Australian Open. It’s clear that Serena has plenty of power to bring to the table. In order to beat Serena, you have to really bring your best efforts to the court.

Big sister Venus is only a little faster at 129 mph, and the top serve in tennis was recorded at 131 mph.

2. Highest amount of lifetime career earnings

Serena has racked up a lot of money playing tennis. How much, you ask? Roughly 72 million dollars in earnings so far and she has no plans to go into retirement just yet. Although most people tend to rank athletes in terms of how many endorsements they can get, it’s actually a badge of pride that you make more money from the sport you actually play.

Of course, some people think that we shouldn’t cloud the issue with money at all. However, no one really plugs into amateur tennis all that much. It would make a lot more sense to look at the monetary side of things as simply the cost of great athletes.

3. All around tough competitor

Serena has 4 Olympic gold medals for her sport, along with over 21 individual titles. She’s 33 years old right now and has been plugging away at this sport for well over 20 years now. She’s taken Wimbledon multiple times, and collected plenty of Open events.

Whether it’s singles, doubles, or even mixed-doubles, Serena Williams proves herself time after time. While she’s attacked in the media for her muscular frame and athletic determination, it’s clear that the sport will definitely have plenty of Serena’s presence for a long time yet.