NFL Season is Already Underway!

Are you ready for some football? Of course, we’re not talking about the European variety, but the good old fashioned American kind. Even if you’re watching the games from across the pond, the reality is that you can make a great deal of money betting on the NFL football games. They attract a lot of attention, and therefore a lot of betting action. But before you just dive in, we have some tips that you can consider as you begin to place your bets.

First and foremost, make sure that you survey your teams very carefully. A lot of people overlook the fact that new players are added each and every year. The team that you thought you knew could have been reshuffled considerably. Some people are so loyal to a certain team, and that’s just fine…for everything other than sports betting. You need to be able to see where you can identify good betting opportunities, but you can’t do that without looking at the teams.

NFL Season

When it comes to the players, looking at the numbers is absolutely important. The worst thing that you can do is just go with what some sports writer thinks, or what the talking heads on TV think about a team or a player. You need to ignore market sentiment completely and go for the numbers. When it comes to spread betting, performance is where the upsets come from, and where you can make a considerable amount of money on the side. We all could use a little extra cash in pocket, right? Absolutely. That’s why these tips matter. Continue reading “NFL Season is Already Underway!”

Hot Rising Golf Stars to Watch

Sure, we could write about Tiger Woods the same way we write about the Williams sisters, differences in sports aside. But we wanted to cover some new players in golf, players that have really started to rise to the top. We found plenty of interesting people, but the list below reflects something special. See, golf is an exciting sport to watch and if you understand the game, you can actually make money on the spread if you play your cards right.

Let’s move on to the list.

1. Cheyenne Woods

Cheyenne Woods

OK, we’re cheating a little bit: we knew it would get your attention if we had someone like this at the top of the list. She’s the niece of Tiger Woods, legendary golfer extraordinaire. But if the only thing she brought to the table was bloodlines, we wouldn’t bother making this paragraph at all. The truth is that she’s got some great performance behind her: she won the 2014 Australian Ladies Masters, and she’s also an LPGA Tour rookie. Going pro definitely is different from junior golf, but Ms. Woods seems prepared for the challenge. She turns heads not only on the golf course, but also due to her stunning looks. Perfect combination of beauty, brains, and skill.

2. Peter Uihlein

Peter Uihlein

Given that his father is the CEO of a golf equipment company, you probably aren’t surprised to see the son shining in the golf world. Uihlein is a fairly new face on the professional golf scene after making the decision to go pro in 2011. He was named Player of the Year twice by the American Junior Golf Association, only the first person to win more than once.

Uihlein took first place at the Madeira Islands Open in 2013, and dazzled the European Tour crowd. It will be interesting what he does this year and beyond.

3. Jason Day

Jason Day

We know that there’s been some media fanfare over Jason Day, but there’s a good reason for that. He’s been a pro since 2006, a very interesting length of time in golf. Long enough to be seen, but not necessarily long enough to qualify for legend status just yet.

Don’t worry, he’s trying: he’s already had 3 wins in 2015, pulling in over six million dollars. If youíre thinking about tennis betting, Day isn’t a bad player to watch. Golf handicapping works a bit differently, of course, but you’ll learn more about that later.

We could have picked plenty of other interesting players to watch, but we wanted to give you an interesting sampling to think over as you watch different games.

3 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough of Serena Williams

When you’re good at something, you deserve other people to take note. Well, we have definitely taken note of Serena Williams. We love the idea of being able to catch a glimpse of Serena in action. She’s an athlete that has truly dominated her sport, amid much controversy. But we’re not here to write another piece on everything wrong with Serena; we wanted to talk about everything that the famous tennis star has done well.

Serena Williams

1. Blisteringly Fast Serves

No, she’s not the fastest serve in tennis right now, but she comes pretty close. A 128.6 mph serve is nothing to sneeze at. She did that tracked serve in 2012 at the Australian Open. It’s clear that Serena has plenty of power to bring to the table. In order to beat Serena, you have to really bring your best efforts to the court.

Big sister Venus is only a little faster at 129 mph, and the top serve in tennis was recorded at 131 mph.

2. Highest amount of lifetime career earnings

Serena has racked up a lot of money playing tennis. How much, you ask? Roughly 72 million dollars in earnings so far and she has no plans to go into retirement just yet. Although most people tend to rank athletes in terms of how many endorsements they can get, it’s actually a badge of pride that you make more money from the sport you actually play.

Of course, some people think that we shouldn’t cloud the issue with money at all. However, no one really plugs into amateur tennis all that much. It would make a lot more sense to look at the monetary side of things as simply the cost of great athletes.

3. All around tough competitor

Serena has 4 Olympic gold medals for her sport, along with over 21 individual titles. She’s 33 years old right now and has been plugging away at this sport for well over 20 years now. She’s taken Wimbledon multiple times, and collected plenty of Open events.

Whether it’s singles, doubles, or even mixed-doubles, Serena Williams proves herself time after time. While she’s attacked in the media for her muscular frame and athletic determination, it’s clear that the sport will definitely have plenty of Serena’s presence for a long time yet.

My Top 5 Sports in the World

5 – Tennis

With a fan base estimated over 1 billion worldwide, Tennis comes into my list at 5th position. Tennis originated from France and England in the 19th century. The sport is played between two people, who appear at both sides of the net, and in order to win the point you must force your opponent to hit the ball at the net, too long or not return it at all. The game can also be played in doubles, where the rules are slightly different, but mainly the same as singles tennis. The sport is fast paced and you need skills such as technique, power, pace and determination to succeed.  As well as physically strong, tennis is arguably one of the sports where mental strength is just as important. Tennis can be a frustrating sport, and placing a bad shot can cause stress, however the better players try and not let this affect them, and keep focused on their game. Tennis has four grand slam tournaments in a calendar year. In January there is the Australian Open, in May there is the French Open, starting in June is Wimbledon (held in England) and finally the US Open in September. Roger Federer has won the most grand slam tournaments and arguably the best player to have ever played, has won nearly $60,000,000 in prize money from tournaments alone. Rafael Nadal, is the current number one, who won all four grand slams in 2010.

4 – Hockey (NHL)

The National Hockey League is one of the most watched sports in the US and Canada. It is also watched around the world in many countries. The league was organized in Montreal back in 1917, where there was 4 teams participating. The sport grew, and in the current league, there are 30 teams competing, with 6 from Canada and 24 from the US.  The sport is played on ice, and the game is split up in three periods, each lasting 20 minutes, with 17 minutes interval between each. Over a course of the season, each team play 82 games, with 41 at home and 41 away. At the end of a regular season, the team with the most points is the division champion. The three division champions and 5 other teams with the highest amount of points play each other in the playoffs, in best of 7 matches. The final is called the Stanley Cup, which is one of the oldest tournaments to date, in sport. The most successful team in NHL history is the Montreal Canadiens with 24 Stanley Cup championships.

3 – Basketball (NBA)

The National Basketball Association is another sport which is watched a lot in the US and Canada, and around the world. The league was founded in 1946 and the league has been continuously a success. Basketball is 5 a side, and you need to throw or dunk the ball in the basket to win either 1, 2 or 3 points, depending on the distance or situation. There are four periods in the game, each lasting 12 minutes. Currently there are 30 teams in a regular season; 15 teams in the Eastern Conference and 15 teams in the Western Conference. They play 82 games a season, just like they do in NHL, and the top teams qualify for the playoffs. The most successful team in NBA history is the Boston Celtics, with 17 league titles to their name. Michael Jordan is the most recognizable figure in NBA of all time, as he brought more interest to the sport and he is regarded as the best ever player. The skills which are beneficial in this sport is height, pace, shooting and passing ability, as well as trickery and skill on the ball. At the moment, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are the most talented players.

2 – Football (NFL)

American football is the most watched sport in America, and watched all around the world too. Monday Night football is watched more than any other programme on the television. The Superbowl occurs every year, and is watched by around 93.2million people. The average attendances of matches is nearly 70,000 people, which is higher than any other sport. The league formed in 1920, where 11 teams competed. The league now has 32 teams competing. The regular season goes on for 17 weeks, from September to January; where each team plays 16 games. Out of the 32 teams, the top 12 teams qualify for the playoff season, which is a tournament to determine the two teams in the Super bowl. Each team in the NFL has some history, and the league is a lot closer compared to others. The Green Bay Packers have won the most league titles, 12. Despite this sport being supremely popular in the US, it has failed to improve its profile outside of the states. The skills that need required for this sport is strength, pace, good throwing and kicking skills, and to work solidly as a team with drive and determination.

1 – Football (soccer)

As well as being the most played sport in the world, it also the most watched sport in the world, with the fan base over 3.3billion people. The interest in this sport is shared from across the world, on every continent. A football match is in between two teams, each having 11 players on the field. Each match is 90 minutes long. There are hundreds of leagues around the world and most countries have more than one league in their country. There are special tournaments like UEFA Champions League, where teams from different countries face each other. National football is also very popular, as 715 million people watched the 2010 World Cup final, between Spain and Netherlands. The biggest football clubs are supported around the world, for example, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Inter Milan and Barcelona. Players like Pele, Zinidine Zidane and Diego Maradona are world famous players of this sport and have brought even more interest to this sport. The best players in the world at the moment are Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Andres Inieista. To become a player you will need physical attributes like strength and pace, as well as technical attributes like shooting or passing accuracy, and control of the football.

A Closer Look at Venus Williams

Venus Williams is well known for dominating the court. Even though Serena’s record is all-around better, there are some great facts about Venus Williams that shouldn’t be overlooked. First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that without Venus, there wouldn’t be a Serena Williams. Serena constantly credits her sister with keeping her in the game of tennis and encouraging her to continue. Lately, Venus hasn’t done very well due to a chronic back injury, as well as battling an auto-immune condition known as Sjorgen’s Syndrome. It’s a very tough uphill fight for Venus, but that doesn’t mean that she’s calling it quits.

Here are a few things to know about Venus Williams, star tennis player and one incredible athlete.

Venus Williams

Venus’s love of tennis was kindled early on. She got the incredible chance in 1989 to visit Chris Evert, where she asked if she could look and touch those beautiful Wimbledon trophies firsthand. Little did the world know that Venus would become a champion herself.

Like her sister Serena, Venus has an incredibly fast serve that is highly developed. She’s been clocked at over 130 mph before! Ms. Williams has made history for fighting for equal pay between male tennis players and female tennis players, but that’s not all of course.

With her sister Serena at her side, she’s won three Olympic gold medals. Tennis doubles is an event that she excels at, and if there’s any partner in the world she wants, she definitely wants to have Serena at her side.

But of course, she can indeed play without Serena, and even beat her outright. They have faced head to head before, and Venus has won a few times. She beat Serena in 2005 down in Miami, and she also did so at the 2001 US Open. Lately, of course, it has been the younger sister really going all out on the court.

Some say that Venus should go ahead and retire. Her results in the last two years haven’t been stellar, but there are some understandings that are necessary here. Recovering from an injury is already difficult, but then to have an autoimmune condition on top of it? That can really make things tricky. We think that if Venus wanted to retire, she very well could. We think that she wants to try to go for one last big show before finally turning in the racket and tennis shoes. We’ll see, won’t we?

What Do Game Developers Do to Create Awesome Slot Games?

Today, it’s time to go back behind the curtain and reveal some of what game developers do to create awesome slot games. Believe it or not, a lot is involved with the building of a really good slot. Sometimes when we do nothing but pass away a lot of afternoons and evenings playing, we forget just how difficult this is to pull off properly. The spielautomaten providers at represent some of the best of the best, so we took time to look at their offerings before making this guide.

Slot Games

One of the top things that a game developer must do is sketch out the actual gameplay. Every single action that you see is driven by highly complex software. The focus has to be on not just how well the game works, but how fair it is to the player. As you may be already aware, the gaming industry is heavily regulated. If the game developer wants to actually make sure that people can play their game for real money, they have certain guidelines to follow.

Another aspect of the development process is early testing. Just making a concept isn’t enough. From what we saw from the game providers at, the focus is on rapid player testing and a lot of feedback. The difference between a game with testing and a game without is pretty obvious. A well tested game plays well, like you could play it for hours. There are many slots that come to mind when we think about a well done slot, far too many to list. Continue reading “What Do Game Developers Do to Create Awesome Slot Games?”