How To Bet On Tennis Like a Seasoned Punter

Are you looking at sportscasters to tell you what to bet on? Do you think that picking up some kind of report that some forum dweller declared good is going to make you rake in the big bucks? We have news for you: there’s right way to bet on the big games, and a wrong way. Going with market sentiment is the number one mistake that most newcomers make. Of course, if you’re just looking to spice up the game and have something to laugh about next time you go down to the community pool, then we completely understand. But if you’re trying to make a little money on your bet, then it’s time to get serious.

If you want to bet like a seasoned punter, there are a few things that you need to know from the beginning.

Bet On Tennis

One, you need to go online. We know that some people are used to office style betting, but this is weak at best. Who’s setting the odds, and how are they doing it? You don’t need that type of uncertainty in your life. Going online lets you shop around. If someone were to set weird odds online at a sportsbook, they wouldn’t last very long. This is because online, you can go to so many different sportsbooks it’s not even funny. Read more

3 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough of Serena Williams

When you’re good at something, you deserve other people to take note. Well, we have definitely taken note of Serena Williams. We love the idea of being able to catch a glimpse of Serena in action. She’s an athlete that has truly dominated her sport, amid much controversy. But we’re not here to write another piece on everything wrong with Serena; we wanted to talk about everything that the famous tennis star has done well.

Serena Williams

1. Blisteringly Fast Serves

No, she’s not the fastest serve in tennis right now, but she comes pretty close. A 128.6 mph serve is nothing to sneeze at. She did that tracked serve in 2012 at the Australian Open. It’s clear that Serena has plenty of power to bring to the table. In order to beat Serena, you have to really bring your best efforts to the court. Read more

A Closer Look at Venus Williams

Venus Williams is well known for dominating the court. Even though Serena’s record is all-around better, there are some great facts about Venus Williams that shouldn’t be overlooked. First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that without Venus, there wouldn’t be a Serena Williams. Serena constantly credits her sister with keeping her in the game of tennis and encouraging her to continue. Lately, Venus hasn’t done very well due to a chronic back injury, as well as battling an auto-immune condition known as Sjorgen’s Syndrome. It’s a very tough uphill fight for Venus, but that doesn’t mean that she’s calling it quits.

Here are a few things to know about Venus Williams, star tennis player and one incredible athlete.

Venus’s love of tennis was kindled early on. She got the incredible chance in 1989 to visit Chris Evert, where she asked if she could look and touch those beautiful Wimbledon trophies firsthand. Little did the world know that Venus would become a champion herself. Read more