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Top 5 World Cup Opening Matches

As the first match of the world’s biggest sporting event draws near, hosts Russia take on Saudi Arabia at the massive 81,000 capacity Luzhniki Stadium in the capital of Moscow to a no doubt sold out crowd. World Cup opening matches are notorious for teams playing on the side of caution, as not to take too many risks and get kicked out of the tournament early. However, in the 20 opening games that have been played throughout the World Cup’s history, a few have stood out to fans and pundits alike. We take a look at the best top 5 in history. Who’s your money on in the world cup odds to win? Let us know!

1990 Argentina 0-1 Cameroon

Despite Argentina being the considerably stronger team with regards to World Cup performances, a ten man team in the form of Cameroon managed to slip an easily defendable free kick past the Argentinian goalkeeper to take the lead and eventually win the match in this opening match shocker from 1990. Continue reading “Top 5 World Cup Opening Matches”

Liverpool vs Manchester United

There are multiple games available for fans to place bets on over the weekend, but there is no doubt that the majority of them will be placed on the Liverpool vs Manchester United game at the weekend. In the 2016/17 season, both matches ended in draws. However with both teams having no problem finding the back of the net this season, fans will be hoping for a more exciting match.

Liverpool’s home advantage and their tendency to perform in the big games means that anyone who has bet on Liverpool to win has a very good chance of their bet to win. However derby matches very rarely takes previous form and matches into account and it is very plausible that United can also walk away with a win.

Champions League Odds 2017

Another competitive year has begun in the Champions league and it is another year in which Real Madrid start as favourites. They are 7/2 to lift the trophy for an unprecedented third year in a row. PSG start as the second favourites at 13/2.

PSG have spent a staggering amount ahead of this season bringing in the likes of Neymar so are expected to be a force against any of the big teams. Group B is one of the most competitive with two of the top 3 favourites fighting it out.

Group C starts and Chelsea will be expected to win the group. They start as the even money favourites to top the group with Athletico Madrid next in at 7/5. Chelsea are also 1/4 to qualify from the group with Athletico 1/3. Will this be the year Athletico can finally triumph? Other teams in there group include Roma and Qarabag. Continue reading “Champions League Odds 2017”

How To Bet On Tennis Like a Seasoned Punter

Are you looking at sportscasters to tell you what to bet on? Do you think that picking up some kind of report that some forum dweller declared good is going to make you rake in the big bucks? We have news for you: there’s right way to bet on the big games, and a wrong way. Going with market sentiment is the number one mistake that most newcomers make. Of course, if you’re just looking to spice up the game and have something to laugh about next time you go down to the community pool, then we completely understand. But if you’re trying to make a little money on your bet, then it’s time to get serious.

If you want to bet like a seasoned punter, there are a few things that you need to know from the beginning.

Bet On Tennis

One, you need to go online. We know that some people are used to office style betting, but this is weak at best. Who’s setting the odds, and how are they doing it? You don’t need that type of uncertainty in your life. Going online lets you shop around. If someone were to set weird odds online at a sportsbook, they wouldn’t last very long. This is because online, you can go to so many different sportsbooks it’s not even funny.

Go with a great sportsbook that’s backed by tons of reviews. That way, you know that you’re covered no matter what. Be sure that you’re looking at everything very carefully so that there’s no doubt that things are going to run smoothly.

Another point you want to keep in mind deals with tennis betting itself. Make sure that you are betting with an eye for the odds, as well as the spread. The spread is a pretty big thing to pay attention to, because this is how you can make a lot of money. The spread is designed to keep things interesting by making it easier to bet on underdogs to win. Why? Well, a lot of times two players are not as evenly matched as you would think. Combine the spread with interesting bets like total games won, and you start seeing the appeal that tennis betting has in the first place.

Overall, betting on tennis like a pro takes time. Try to get as much data as you can on all of the players that you’re interested in. Please don’t limit yourself to just what the news sportscasters tell you about the field, because that’s not going to let you make smart decisions. Have fun out there!